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(Credit: Discogs)


Watch rare footage of Echo & The Bunnymen performing 'The Killing Moon' at homecoming show in 1984


There are a few bands who skirt under the radar of mass hysteria with a tried and tested collection of avid fans. One such band is the post-punk maestros, Echo & The Bunnymen, one of Liverpool’s greatest bands.

Below, we’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to look back at the moment the band took to the stage in Liverpool and delivered a blistering performance of their most widely-loved song ‘The Killing Moon’. It’s a sensational performance which has left us reeling.

Ian McCulloch and his band have become cult heroes in 2020 but were some of the brightest lights in the post-punk world in 1984. The band had been knocking around the scene since 1977 and their 1980 debut record Crocodiles broke into the top 20 of the UK albums chart.

Another album would follow with Porcupine and this time it came with a chart-busting single in ‘The Cutter’. But it was the next album and the next single which would see The Bunnymen’s biggest success. On Ocean Rain, the band found themselves an incredibly fruitful niche and with the LP’s lead single, ‘The Killing Moon’, the band found a spot on DJ rotation forever. The song has gone to typify the group and underpin their spiralling sound.

When performed live, the track takes on a whole new life, as the footage below shows you. The band had hit the proverbial big time by the tie they arrived at St George’s Hall in May of 1984. The group were back in their homeland and now had a crowd worthy of packing out the iconic venue. They would not disappoint with the performance of their biggest single.

It’s the kind of performance which acts as a stark reminder of not only the talent the band possessed but how important it is to revisit some of the more comparatively ‘lost’ bands of the past. Echo & The Bunnymen effectively split after McCulloch left the group in 1988 but have since got back together to perform with one another.

Though it is impossible to go back in time and capture the intensity of this performance, of Echo & The Bunnymen in their heyday, watching the footage below is about as close as you can get and a reason to keep trying.

Watch rare footage of Echo & The Bunnymen performing ‘The Killing Moon’ below.