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Revisit Echo and the Bunnymen's cosmic cover The Beatles song 'Ticket to Ride'


At a time when live music seems like a distant memory, we’re revisiting the Far Out Magazine ‘from the vault’ section in order to keep us going. Here, we’re taking a look back at the wonderfully unique cover of The Beatles by Echo and the Bunnymen.

The Bunnymen, born and raised through the Beatles hysteria in Liverpool, have the Fab Four deeply engrained within their music psyche despite having taken their own sound down a somewhat darker post-punk path.

In a fitting tribute their Scouse seniors, Echo and the Bunnymen released a wonderful dream-like rendition of The Beatles’ 1965 hit ‘Ticket to Ride’, a track the band’s frontman Ian McCulloch described the song as one of his favourite numbers.

The iconic track, written by John Lennon and credited to the Lennon–McCartney songwriting partnership, remains an all-time iconic number by the Beatles, one that solidified their meteoric rise and was included on their 1965 album Help!.

While the song may appear a jangly pop number now in reflection, at the time of the release the track and album was a severe change to the musical landscape of the time. “It was [a] slightly new sound at the time, because it was pretty fuckin’ heavy for then,” Lennon once said of the track.

“If you go and look in the charts for what other music people were making, and you hear it now, it doesn’t sound too bad. It’s all happening, it’s a heavy record.”

Developing the song further, Echo and the Bunnymen added a more cosmic feel to the track while maintaining its pop sensibilities.

Stream the cover, below.