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Duffy criticises Netflix for “glamourising rape” in ‘365 Days’


Duffy has hit out at Netflix for “glamourising the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape” in the film 365 Days.

The Polish film, which arrived on the streaming platform in June, tells the tale of a woman who has been kidnapped and imprisoned by a man who gives her a year to fall in love with him.

Since it was dropped on the streaming service, it has quickly shot up to being the most-watched film on the platform but Duffy wants her fans to look at the film from a different angle and to reconsider how they view it after opening up on her own ordeal.

Earlier this year, the Welsh singer opened up on her decade-long absence from music, saying that she had been kidnapped and held hostage for a number of days, a period during which she was drugged and raped.

In her open letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the singer wrote: “I don’t want to be in this position to have to write to you, but the virtue of my suffering obliges me to do so, because of a violent experience that I endured of the kind that you have chosen to present as ‘adult erotica’.

“365 Days glamourises the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape. This should not be anyone’s idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such, or be commercialised in this manner.

“I write these words (ones I cannot believe I am writing in 2020, with so much hope and progress gained in recent years), as an estimated 25 million people are currently trafficked around the world, not to mention the untold amounts of people uncounted.”

She went on: “It grieves me that Netflix provides a platform for such ‘cinema’, that eroticises kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a ‘sexy’ movie. I just can’t imagine how Netflix could overlook how careless, insensitive, and dangerous this is.

“It has even prompted some young women, recently, to jovially ask Michele Morrone, the lead actor in the film, to kidnap them. We all know Netflix would not host material glamorising paedophilia, racism, homophobia, genocide, or any other crimes against humanity. The world would rightly rise up and scream. Tragically, victims of trafficking and kidnapping are unseen, and yet in 365 Days their suffering is made into a ‘erotic drama’, as described by Netflix.”

She added: “If all of you at Netflix take nothing from this open letter but these final words, I will be content. You have not realised how 365 Days has brought great hurt to those who have endured the pains and horrors that this film glamorises, for entertainment and for dollars. ‘What I and others who know these injustices need is the exact opposite – a narrative of truth, hope, and to be given a voice.”