Dubai International Airport is getting resident DJs


Dubai International Airport is to become the world’s first airport to host resident DJs.

The airport, well known for staging live music after its recent ‘musicDXB’ live performances, has teamed up in collaboration with chart-topping DJ duo Hollaphonic for residencies.

According to Matt Horobin, Brand Director at Dubai Airports: “We used to host regular entertainment performances as part of musicDXB, around the airport, we decided to take it a notch higher by partnering with the DJ duo Hollaphonic.”

The airport, wildly votes as one of the best in the world, welcomes in excess of 250,000 people passing through each day. According to the organisers of the DJ residency, the plan is to have a regular rotation of acts in the airport of all stature.

“This is the first considered music campaign that any airport in the world has done. I don’t think any other company in Dubai, of this scale and this position, has ever put this much effort and focus on music,” Olly Wood, co-founder and executive producer and one half of the act, told Time Out. “The team at DXB have really cool visions about how far this can go – whatever idea someone thinks is the best, craziest and most unthinkable: that’s what we’re aiming for.”

He added: “We want to create an opportunity for DJs travelling through DXB to stop off and play some music – there’s not going to be one resident DJ, but a collection of regular DJs.

“The broad nature of it will be to start thinking how can we look at tour managers and touch points of music travelling to Australia, the US, Europe and Asia to get them to see DXB and Dubai as a key destination for music. The potential is massive.”