Famed for its huge buildings and vast landscapes, Dubai is known for creating modern and unique buildings. In keeping with this tradition, Burj Khalifa has opened a new lounge on floors 152,153 and 154. This is to be known as the highest restaurant at 575 metres up, already the world’s tallest building this will be another accolade for the Burj Khalifa to add to its shelf.

It will serve afternoon tea from 12:30pm until 4pm and cocktails from 5:30pm. The lounge will also feature live music from an international artist daily. and is to be simply known as ‘The Lounge’ and is thought to have a high price tag for its services.

The Lounge comes in fitting time for Dubai as it is working towards hosting the Expo 2020, which looks to introduce various new experiences such as ‘Museum of the Future’ and the world’s highest infinity pool.

Here’s what it looks like:

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