Drugdealer release 'Honey' with a helping hand from Weyes Blood


The Los Angeles collective Drugdealer have released a brand new track ‘Honey’ with Michale Collins leading the line and featuring the brilliant Weyes Blood. The new track has been taken from the forthcoming album Raw Honey.

Featuring ‘Honey’ and previous singles ‘Fools’, the new album will drop on April 19th on Mexican Summer and will see Collins and Co deliver their usual kaleidoscopic indie rock and roll.

Comprised of Collins, Sasha Winn (vocals) and Shags Chamberlain (bass, production), Drugdealer is more of a collective than a band. Raw Honey features contributions of Josh Da Costa (drums), Jackson MacIntosh (guitar), Danny Garcia (guitar), Michael Long (lead guitar), and Benjamin Schwab (backing vocals, guitar, organ, piano, wurlitzer), as well as guest vocalists like country balladeer Dougie Poole (‘Wild Motion’) and Harley Hill-Richmond (‘Lonely’).

New song ‘Honey’ sees Weyes Blood, AKA Natalie Mering, featuring on the track. A frequent collaborator Mering offers a beautiful extra dynamic on the song. The track itself is an examination of self-worth, anxiety, and creativity in an unapologetically monetised world.

Take a listen to Drugdealer’s ‘Honey’ below.