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Drenge share another song from the new EP, listen to 'Fades to Black'


Another new track from the brother Loveless, AKA Drenge, as we get ready for the new EP Autonomy which is due out on October 5th. ‘Fades to Black’ is that song and it’s our Track of the Day.

With the new record exactly a month away, we were thrilled to get another taste of the new music, and with ‘Fades to Black’, there’s a new angle to get our heads around. Following ‘This Dance’ and ‘Before the War Begins’ this new song takes a slightly pop-tinged sound and explores it to its deepest depths.

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“Fades to Black cruises through a patchwork of criticisms of modern life,” the brothers told DIY. “But it’s main thrust is if you kill off the environments that make a community what it is then eventually you’ll end up with a hollow shell. The offered solutions are only creating more problems.

“I watch venues we’ve played in, spaces we’ve written and recorded in and places that inspire us get knocked down and turned into car parks and chain restaurants. But don’t worry, all of this is wrapped up in a 3 minute crowd-pleasing Britpop ditty. Music can change the world.”

Take a listen below and get ready for the new record.