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Drenge drop new track 'Outside' as well as a new video for 'Before The War Begins'

Since the return of the Brothers Loveless, as we think their detective series should be called, Drenge have already dropped two cracking new tracks. ‘This Dance’ and ‘Before Thre War Begins’ got us all excited for their new EP Autonomy, which is out in October. But now we have not only another track, titled ‘Outside’, but a clip for ‘Before The War Begins’.

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The new track ‘Outside’ is another masterclass from the band as they yet again look to test the parameters of the listener’s ear and give them something entirely original.

A quote from the band about the third single to come from their upcoming EP was “Medicine, the justice system and bad architecture get the Drenge treatment, whilst the rhythm section try to find some order amid all the ranting and discordant guitars.”

Talking of the new video they said: “For ‘Before the War Begins’ we sent our research robot, DR3-NG3, to look for civilisation on a distant planet, we have been working on developing the robot over the past three years and this is his first intergalactic mission. Naturally, we’ve had to keep our work top secret to avoid being copied or beaten by other music industry space programmes, and we feel like the resulting video is worthwhile proof of our exciting work.”

Take a listen to ‘Outside’ below and get a load of the new video for ‘Before The War Begins’ below that