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(Credit: Guinness World Records)


Meet Domingos-Antonio Gomes, the fastest pianist in the world

Have you ever wondered how fast the fastest pianist in the world is and, perhaps more importantly, who that person might be? Well, the wait is finally over, you lucky things. In June 2017, Domingos-Antonio Gomes, a Portuguese-American pianist, set the new Guinness World Record for the most piano keys hit in one minute.

Domingos-Antonio Gomes (Antonio Domingos) has proved he has the fastest fingers in the business after obliterating the previous 2012 record. He broke the record at his local music store in Lisbon by playing an impressive 824 key strikes within 60 seconds — that’s nearly 14 hits per second!

The title was previously held by Hungarian pianist Peter Bence, who set a record of 765 key hits in one minute in January 2012. Bence became an instant sensation on YouTube following his record, and he has since displayed his dynamic virtuosity by playing well-known songs with his unique percussive style. 

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Five years ago, however, Bence was displaced in the Guinness record books as the fastest key-hitter. While the record is undeniably impressive, the only way to achieve such a mind-boggling hit rate is to focus on just one note, tapping down with a finger from each hand in a frenzy similar to that of a teenager frantically chasing a high score on the PlayStation. Naturally, this sounds more like a milling machine than a beautiful arpeggio.

For his attempt, Gomes struck the high B key, the second-highest key on the piano, repeatedly with alternating fingers. After getting into a lightning-fast rhythm, the timer was set for one minute as the Portuguese pianist focussed intently on keeping his hands throbbing away like a woodpecker’s head. 

“I am a Portuguese-American professional pianist and have been playing since the age of seven,” Antonio told Guinness World Records following his impressive feat. “I broke this record in order to gain visibility in the international world of music by demonstrating my athletic prowess on the piano.”

The intense moment was caught on camera by the official Guinness World Records moderators and can be seen below. Also below is a video of Antonio Domingos playing Chopin’s ‘Revolutionary Etude’ at an increased speed to demonstrate the true extent of his musical skill.