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Meet Pritish, the fastest drummer in the world

Have you ever wondered who the fastest drummer in the world is? If you have, like me, you may have envisaged a bearded heavy metal drummer north of 30 with arms like redwood trunks. Well, in this preconception, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Indeed, our redwood trunk armed giant might pack the biggest punch to rile those eardrums, but for speed, it’s not about age or size. It’s a game of relentless practice and presumably a big helping hand from genetic predisposal – or God, as you may believe after reading on. 

The fastest drummer in the world is Pritish A R from Australia, and he is 11-years-old. The young marvel passed his grade eight drums exam aged ten, and in April 2021, he decided he would work on pace as his next goal. He practised assiduously for seven months before sitting on the stool for his official attempt to break the Guinness World Record

The previous record of 2,109 drumbeats in a minute was set by then-20-year-old Siddharth Nagarajan from India. Pritish finally attempted to break the record on December 16th, 2021. 

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“On the day of the attempt, seeing the setup and taking my throne to start the attempt, the butterflies tickled through my stomach,” Pritish remembered.

After rattling out a run of beats and getting up to speed, the recorder set the drumometer (the actual name of the equipment) and began timing one minute. Pritish managed to smash the previous record with a jaw-dropping 2,370 beats in one minute. The beats were also recorded using a pressure-sensitive microphone and were later counted by experienced sound engineers to corroborate the drumometer’s reading. 

In an interview with The Indian Sun, Pritish reflected on his early infatuation with percussion. “I used to always make sounds with my toys when I was little,” he said. “The loudness of the toms and the use of all my limbs connected me with the kit, I don’t like to keep my limbs idle and that’s the start of my music journey with drums.”

After noticing his incessant urge to make a racket, Pritish’s parents enrolled him in private lessons to channel his talents. I have always thought it rather brave for parents to get their children a drum kit at home without the means to set up a fully soundproofed studio, but in this extraordinary case, it has certainly paid off.

At present, it’s not clear whether we have another Dave Grohl or John Bonham on our hands. Pritish’s current aspirations appear to remain within the realm of instrumental mastery rather than rock music. In the future, he hopes to break more records and learn to master other percussion instruments such as the bongo and the mridangam. 

Watch Pritish break the record and play Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ below.