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Dolly Parton was a secret producer on a classic 1990s TV show


When we think about Dolly Parton, vampires and the paranormal are probably not the first motifs to come to mind. However, that didn’t stop the country music icon from getting involved in one of the most iconic shows to be released in the 1990s.

In 1986, Parton and her former manager Sandy Gallin founded Sandollar Productions, a production company that has been responsible for contributing to a variety of movies and shows throughout the years—it’s also a pun on their names ‘Sandy’ and ‘Dolly’ which make ‘Sandollar’ when mashed together. The production company produced films like Father of the Bride and Fly Away Home, among others. They also have produced a lot of Dolly-centred material, like her most recent Netflix show.

In 1992, Sandollar produced the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, and even when the film didn’t do well critically, Sandollar productions stood by Buffy because the team, including Dolly Parton, believed in the storyline and was confident in the show.

Specifically, Gail Berman was confident in turning the storyline into a television series. She simply thought that the storyline of a high school girl who fights vampires and other supernatural creatures would work well with audiences, especially young women, and she ended up being right, given the success the show went on to enjoy in subsequent years.

Although Parton was never listed as a producer in the credits, her involvement wasn’t necessarily a secret. It simply flew under the radar for a number of years until its more recent attention on social media brought attention to the situation. Sandollar productions is listed in the credits rather than her name, but her involvement with the production company is hardly a secret. In fact, it’s public knowledge that the singer-songwriter (and evidently, producer) is quite proud of.

This just goes to show how savvy of a creative and businesswoman Dolly Parton is. However, this, again, isn’t really a secret either. Parton has proven time and time again that she can hang in the worlds of fashion, music, film, production, television, and even the drag scene. It seems that there’s really nothing this woman can’t do.

Knowing that Parton was behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best fun facts to resurface of late, though, and it’s enough to make anyone want to sit down and marathon the series yet again.

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