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Credit: Adrian Vitelleschi Cook


Do Nothing share new track 'Fits' alongside EP news

Nottingham’s own Do Nothing have shared another storming new track, ‘Fits’, which arrives alongside the news that the band will be sharing a new EP very soon.

The new record will be titled Zero Dollar Bill and see the band not only include new track ‘Fits’ but the brilliant ‘LeBron James’ in the release on April 10th.

It’s hard to ignore a band like Do Nothing. The group have shot out of the perceivable darkness and suddenly feel like they could be about to switch on the lights for the rest of us in the near future with their po-mo take on post-punk.

‘Fits’ is just another moment where the band expresses themselves on a personal subject with sauntering ease. Using all the ‘lounge bar with a razor blade’ charm they have in their blood-stained shirt pockets, Do Nothing could be on to something here.

Chris Bailey explains: “This song came about relatively naturally. It’s about that sad little feeling of drifting away from things that meant a lot to you when you were younger. I wanted to write something about my big brother, and what came out sounds somewhat sarcastic, but is actually a quite sincere love song to him and our childhoods. He’s called Benji, and I don’t see him enough.”

Listen below to the new single from Do Nothing, ‘Fits’ below.