(Credit: Ryan Faist)


Dizzy releases 'The Bird Behind The Drapes' with Luna Li


Combining their Canadian powers for good, Dizzy and Luna Li have teamed up on ‘The Bird Behind the Drapes’, a slower reworking of ‘The Magician’ from last year’s LP The Sun and Her Scorch.

Dizzy, the indie-pop band consisting of brother Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer along with high school buddy Katie Munshaw on vocals, are priming a new release featuring re-recordings of a few tracks from their second record. The EP, Separate Places, will be released this summer.

Luna Li, meanwhile, is slowly making her way towards either an LP or an EP. Last years Jams EP, was just that: funky instrumental backing tracks that were mostly one-minute-long sketches. It was a tantalising tease for fans who have been clamouring for material more substantial than just the handful of singles Li has released so far.

The original version of ‘The Magician’ sounds like it’s ready-made for clubs and car stereos. ‘The Bird Behind The Drapes’, meanwhile, takes the same song and transforms it into a mournful and melancholy take on the emptiness that comes from being unable to stay in one place for any length of time.

‘The Magician’ was originally one of those songs that sounded really happy until you read the lyrics and found out it was actually depressing. I don’t know how I feel about the reworking that makes the message far easier to understand. I liked the smokescreen that the original’s infectious energy put up. But the song is still solid, no matter what style it gets played in.

Luna Li will be touring with Japanese Breakfast in the fall, and if they were coming near Washington D.C. for anything other than Michelle Zauner’s book tour, I would already have tickets.

Check out the video for ‘The Bird Behind the Drapes’ down below. Separate Places will be released on June 11th.