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Diiv - Like A Rolling Stone


With heavy winds still ripping through our litter strewn streets, Diiv have been caught upon Dylan’s winds of change and transformed his folk masterpiece Like a Rolling Stone into an almost unrecognisable gloom filled, psyche dripping homage to the permed prophet. It is this 10 minute slice of musical metamorphosis that has made our Track Of The Day.

Unlike other fame driven singers, Zachary Cole-Smith, other than being the front man of the twisted Brooklynites; Diiv, also has an unrelenting passion for music in all it’s forms. So it seems obvious that he would find a connection with this archetypal Dylan ditty, but it was how and where it was performed that sets him apart.

Like a Rolling Stone when first released as a folk tribute to the discarded Edie Sedgewick, it tripped and trickled along with soulfully plucked strings and emotive vocals. Diiv’s version has a few of the same sentiments but delivered with a dastardly turn.

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Performed at the last ever show for famed Brooklyn venue 285 Kent, Zachary Cole Smith releases his emotions surrounding the venue and the loss of art and expression it’s closure will bring. He and Diiv do it with dollops of doomsday psyche and layer upon layer of twisted guitar casually interspersed with Smith screeching “How does it feel?” the triumphant and tragic line of the track.

Diiv are already credited with being one of the most knowledgable bands around at the moment and this cover of Dylan’s classic is a testament to that. Not because of the use of the song’s imagery to evoke a folk feeling towards the closure of an infamous venue, but their recognition that this feeling is still alive and in fact ever-growing among a modernised disillusioned generation. Will this track bring along revolution? Probably not. But whilst we wait for pitchforks at dawn at least we have a modern classic of our own.


Jack Whatley