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DIIV - Dopamine


At last! Let the world rejoice! DIIV have released a brand new track for our greedy ears to salivate over and devour whole. And as you’d expect from the Brooklynites and the title of the song, it’s a lush and ethereal experience – it has to be our Track of the Day.

Taken from their impending second album Is The Is Are the song is a reverb ridden beauty. Filled with cultured guitars and delicate yet deliberate rhythm Zachary Cole Smith’s vocal are allowed to wander to the front of the stage more prominently than ever before.

The album will soon be released via Captured Tracks and it seems the three years since the Oshin LP of 2012 have been spent polishing and defining the band as not only leaders of the pack but of the industry as a whole. Smith’s technicality is incredible and the effortless breeze with which this track cools our neck is hardwork well done.

DIIV fans on a scale of one to ten how excited are you about the album? We are at about a 9.9 right now.