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DIIV continue their incredible lead to new LP with ‘Under The Sun’


DIIV are continually look to set the world a light with their newest LP Is the Is Are due out very soon. With recent tracks ‘Bent’ and ‘Dopamine’ having critics scrambling across their email account to request the new LP, it is no wonder Zachary and Co. want to keep the good feeling coming.

‘Under The Sun’ does just that. Following DIIV’s signature shoegaze sound, it meanders across so many landscapes that it feels like a trip around your favourite memories. ‘Under the Sun’ does differ from a lot of the band’s work however with it’s essentially happy tone. It may meander through your memories, but most of them will bring a smile to your face.

A solid and dense content of heavily layered sounds create a tableaux worth savouring. The new album is going to be a standout classic. Start saving your pennies people.