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DIIV share new track 'Bent (Roi's Song)'


DIIV bring out ‘Mire (Grant’s Song)’

The latest cut from the forthcoming album Is the Is Are has been released by Zachary Cole Smith and co. and it’s a meandering, echoing touch of class from the band. Following the recent releases of ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Brent (Roi’s Song)’ DIIV are now showing the full spectrum of the album.

If the aforementioned previous releases are the pop sounds of the LP then this new release is a darker side of the moon, something Cole Smith thinks needs to be highlighted as well. “i feel like this song represents a really important aspect of this album, and to only represent the ‘pop single’ side of it wouldn’t be fair to the album itself,” he wrote.

Taking notes form the mood and layers of RIDE the band are bringing shoegaze in to the 21st century with reverb guitars and spaced out lyrics adding context to the vast content of the song. DIIV are really hitting their stride now.