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Destroyer return with new single 'Tintoretto, It’s for You'

Destroyer - 'Tintoretto, It's for You'

American rockers Destroyer have returned from their not-very-brief hiatus to announce a brand new album, Labyrinthitis, and release its first single, ‘Tintoretto, It’s for You’.

“I had an idea of writing a couple lines on the idea of ‘mystery’ and ‘goin nowhere,’ as they are two of my favourite themes,” bandleader Dan Bejar explained in a statement. “That and the Grim Reaper and being pursued by some silent, unnamable thing that constantly lurks one foot to the left of you. Especially as the world’s decay becomes increasingly less abstract. Also wanted to write on the romance of terror. The song ‘Tintoretto, It’s for You’ speaks to all these things, oddly enough so does the video.”

Destroyer hasn’t been away for very long – their last studio album was 2020’s Have We Met. That LP was synthetic, twitchy, and highly acclaimed, but ‘Tintoretto, It’s for You’ doesn’t follow in that album’s footsteps. Instead, there’s some bizarre jazz and post-punk influences floating around, with the only solid holdover being Bejar’s unmistakable voice.

The song’s video is similarly strange and slightly unsettling. The new clip is directed by David Galloway, who describes it thusly: “It hopefully presents some loose giallo vibes despite the fact that it clearly isn’t a giallo at all. Nobody dies, nothing is explored at length, and it’s ultimately a collection of neighbourhood red herrings. All leads that go nowhere. But that’s the mystery. That’s the mystery about music videos.”

Bejar, a man not historically known for nostalgia or looking back, recently rejoined the Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers. The band played their classic LPs Mass Romantic and Twin Cinema in full, and Bejar was back in the band for the first time since 2017. I’m not sure what pushed Bejar to hook back up with The New Pornographers, but the shows have been getting some great reviews, so evidently it’s a place where he likes being.

Check out the video for ‘Tintoretto, It’s for You’, plus the tracklisting for Labyrinthitis, down below. Labyrinthitis is set for a March 25th release.