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Desert X art festival arrives in California's Coachella Valley

The Desert X biennial art festival has been sprinkled across the picturesque rugged Coachella Valley for another example of California’s creativity.

After a hugely successful debut run in 2017 in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, Desert X returns with installations located throughout the Coachella Valley, the Salton Sea and, in some cases, stretching toward Mexico.

Artists such as Sterling Ruby, John Gerrard and Pia Camil are involved in the second edition of the event. It is Ruby’s work entitled ‘Sterling’ that is catching the eye of many in the area. “The bright, geometric sculpture creates a jarring optical illusion, resembling a Photoshopped composite or collage, as if something has been removed or erased from the landscape,” the project’s description reads.

Ruby’s work isn’t the only standout piece though, far from it. There are 19 pieces of work in total, all of which have taken a painstaking amount of time and effort to instal in the area.

Superflex, the Danish collection, have also used the technique of coloured blocks for their project ‘Dive-In’. “Dive-In merges the recognition that global warming will drastically reshape the habitat of our planet with another more recent extinction: the outdoor movie theatre,” a project description reads.

Lover’s Rainbow, located in Rancho Mirage and created by Pia Camil, is another popular piece of work that is attracting a lot of interest. Describing his work, Camil explains: “Set in two locations across the U.S.–Mexico border, Lover’s Rainbow is conceived as an identical set of rainbows made from painted rebar.

“Exposed rebar usually signals development, but too often in the Mexican landscape we see those dreams thwarted and abandoned. Historically, rainbows have symbolised rain and fertility. Those who cross the border get the full experience. After all, going in search of the rainbow should highlight its symbolic power to re-establish hope, love, and inclusive-ness when we need it most.”

Click here to view the official website for more information.

Artists participating in the 2019 Desert X biennial art festival, are:

  • Iván Argote
  • Steve Badgett & Chris Taylor
  • Nancy Baker Cahill
  • Cecilia Bengolea
  • Pia Camil
  • John Gerrard
  • Julian Hoeber
  • Jenny Holzer
  • Iman Issa
  • Mary Kelly
  • Armando Lerma
  • Eric N. Mack
  • Cinthia Marcelle
  • Postcommodity
  • Cara Romero
  • Sterling Ruby
  • Kathleen Ryan
  • Gary Simmons
  • Superflex.