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(Credit: DELPHii)


DELPHii shares new single 'Tell Everyone'

DELPHii - 'Tell Everyone'

Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Angelene Holmes, working under the moniker DELPHii, has just released ‘Tell Everyone’, her second single from the upcoming EP entitled Lilac.

Surprisingly funky and smooth, ‘Tell Everyone’ mixes in some hard-edged guitar lines and resonant harmonies into the floaty stew of synths and pulsating bass that grounds Holmes’ sound.

Most artists working within the bedroom pop idiom don’t exactly put a premium on impressive vocal performances, since one of the appeals of the genre is that the music could theoretically be made by anyone with a laptop and a dream. Quality singing ability isn’t a necessity, but Holmes transcends that notion by giving a full-throated, fully emotional vocal. Reaching notes that untrained singers could only dream of, Holmes plays into the best of both worlds, hitting startling highs while retaining a relatable rough and ragged quality.

Homles’ debut single ‘Lilac’ was more traditionally bedroom pop, but both songs have more to do with R&B and higher quality production than the average up and coming musician. Why it was deemed necessary to pitch Holmes as a lo-fi artist is beyond me. There’s nothing wrong with an artist sounding polished and professional, and based on the tracks that she’s putting out, Holmes is a wonderfully ambitious musician who seems to favor personal feel over popular trends.

“I’ve always seen [the character of DELPHii] as an oracle that just pushed her way through to me on her own, because I don’t know where my need to make music came from,” Holmes explains about the project’s origin. “My family aren’t really artistic people. They love music, but in a more ordinary way. Whereas I always had a crazy, outer-body experience listening to certain music, which was just something I didn’t get from anything else. I developed this obsession with it – and this need to do it – that I haven’t ever ever been able to shake off.”

Check out the the video for ‘Tell Everyone’ down below.