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(Credit: Frank Maddocks)


Deftones announce first album in four years and share ‘Ohms’


Deftones have announced their first album in four years and have shared the titular track from the 10-song album ‘Ohms’.

Drummer Abe Cunningham recently gave away that they had a new album on the way a couple of months ago when he revealed the album was done. “We actually tracked everything over the summer, last summer — June and July — we were in the studio tracking,” Cunningham explained during an interview at Download Festival TV in June. “But we actually just completed everything. We were down in LA recording, but we mixed up in Seattle.

“We’re working with our old pal Terry Date, who did a bunch of our earlier records and stuff, too,” he continued. “He’s up there [in Seattle] with this whole distancing thing; it was a bit rough, but we figured out a way to kind of do the mixes without being there.”

Adding: “It’s a lot better when we’re all in the room; we can knock it out quick and argue and do our things,” he admitted. “But, yeah, we just completed that. It’s getting mastered right now, and that’s been the main thing. So it’s been something to do in this strange off time.”

The new record, Ohms, follows 2016’s Gore and was recorded at Henson Studios and Trainwreck Studios. The band worked with producer Terry Date, who they collaborated with on 1995’s Adrenaline, 1997’s Around the Fur as well as 2000’s White Pony.

Listen to the title track and check out the tracklist, below.

Deftones Ohms Tracklisting:

  1. ‘Genesis’
  2. ‘Ceremony’
  3. ‘Urantia’
  4. ‘Errorr’
  5. ‘The Spell of Mathematics’
  6. ‘Pompeji’
  7. ‘This Link Is Dead’
  8. ‘Radiant City’
  9. ‘Headless’
  10. ‘Ohms’