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(Credit: Frank Maddocks)


Deftones jokingly claim their new album will be "soft as hell"


American alternative metal band Deftones played the Download Festival over the weekend, marking their fifth appearance at the event. To coincide with their live performances, the band also announced that they plan to follow up 2020’s Ohms with new material in the near future. 

In an interview with NME, Abe Cunningham joked when asked about the upcoming project: “The next one is going to be soft as hell,” he said. “Everyone’s going to weep uncontrollably for months. There’ll be a tissue shortage around the world.”

He then clarified, getting a little more serious, “No, for better or worse, there are never any rules or preconceived thought put into much of what we create. It’s mostly just jamming it out and seeing what happens.”

Based on what the band has to say, they’re definitely still in the early stages, maintaining that they’re “still only scratching the surface” of what they’re working on. Keyboardist Frank Delgado also chimed in to say, “It feels like we’re only just getting started. We open with a new one as well. ‘Genesis’ is a banger and we feel it deserves the attention. It’s us putting our d*** on the f****** table, basically.”

Definitely a departure from the claims that the next one will be “soft as hell”, but that’s to be expected with a crew like this one. Even if there aren’t any definitive dates or information regarding the new material just yet, knowing what’s on the horizon for the group is exciting for fans in and of itself.

Updates are likely to follow whenever the band is ready, but for now, we can listen to their 2020 album and get ready for the upcoming “tissue shortage around the world” that’s sure to hit everyone pretty hard.

You can find 2020’s Ohms down below.