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Dee Snider comically revealed as a huge fan of Queen

Former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is a God of metal. He is one of the most instantly recognisable vocalists in music, and his emphatic vocal delivery and iconic curly locks combine to really make him stand out from the crowd.

He’s one of those periodic artists that is as lauded for his extra-musical efforts as he is his musical ones. Snider is the last of a dying breed of musicians who stand up and be counted and aren’t afraid to protest for what they believe in. 

Whether it be sticking it to the man via his legendary cuts such as 1984’s ‘I Wanna Rock’, or through taking Tipper Gore’s repressive Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) to court alongside Frank Zappa and John Denver, Snider has as many fans for his personality as he does his music, a testament to his unwavering character.

Given that Snider is such a titan of music, fans have long wanted to know what kind of music inspired him, and it transpires that he’s is an avid fan of British rock pioneers Queen, another band with an unrelenting character, so it makes a lot of sense. During an interview with The Metal Circus TVSnider listed his five favourite albums of all time and picked Queen’s overlooked 1974 effort, Queen II

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Snider said: “Now, for my fifth one, there’s going to be a lot of issues with that one because I want to tell you I want to get a Zeppelin, I want to get a Sabbath album, I want to get important records, but I’m going to go with Alice Cooper, Killer. Another huge influence on me vocal-styling-wise, Alice and Bon Scott were two big influences there for me.”

However, he then swiftly turned his attention to Freddie Mercury and his band: “Oh, I’m just throwing that one out – sorry, sorry, I forgot one of my favourite albums of all time – Queen II, the second Queen album. I’m a day one first album Queen fan. When I went to see Queen open for Mott The Hoople in 1974 in New York City, I was the only one screaming for Queen. No one else, no one! And I was screaming so loud, in my platform shoes, and my big brown afro, I’m not famous, I’m just a crazy guy. My friends are begging, ‘Please, Dee, stop screaming like a girl! You’re so excited.'”

This hilarious image of him as a total Queen fanboy, in some oh so ’70s garb, gets even better. Snider recalled: “And I was screaming so loud that Brian May even looked up to see what was going on because only one person was screaming – me! And he looks up, I see him squinting like, ‘Who is screaming?’ Because when you’re not having a good show and people aren’t liking you, it’s worse to have just one person like you.”

He concluded: “But the second Queen album is the only album they don’t play anything from, they do not, it was a failure, they were really brokenhearted about it, they changed a lot when they went to Sheer Heart AttackQueen II absolutely got to come with me.”

There are many reasons to adore Dee Snider, and his love for Queen is one of them. The anecdote is hilarious, and the thought of the puzzled Brian May squinting into the crowd, looking for the one hysterical fanboy, is pure comedy gold. We wonder what other brilliant stories like this Dee Snider has to tell, I’d wager he has many.

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