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Dee Dee Ramone's grave gets visited daily by a group of punk ducks

The world is full of bizarre occurrences, and one of the best examples of this is that a pack of punk ducks have been paying their respects to late Ramones bassist, Dee Dee Ramone on a daily basis. It’s thanks to a dedicated Los Angeles couple that the ducks have been visiting Ramone’s Hollywood grave. 

Actor Coyote Shivers and partner, Pleasant Gehman, “inherited” five ducks from a friend. Strangely, the couple decided to feed the ducks at Dee Dee’s grave using a signal labelled ‘Duckskrieg Bop’, which is a recording of the punk legends’ iconic ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ with quacks. The strategy hasn’t yet failed in luring the ducks to Dee Dee’s resting place. 

Shivers explained to Rolling Stone: “Everything was closed, even the beaches and parks, the streets were full of riots and boarded up windows, and so we would go to the cemetery to get away from the negativity, and feel some air and beauty and care for some of the urban wildlife that live there: ducks, geese, feral cats, squirrels, doves, swans, etc.”

He explained: “We started calling them the Ramones Ducks because they’re all black and they stick together and stood out like a gang and they’d run up to Dee Dee every day.”

By last Spring, the word had caught on. The mother ducks started bringing their ducklings along and teaching them to follow suit. The five original ducks are named Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny and Tommy after the band’s classic lineup, with the fifth one called Sheena after ‘Sheena Is a Punk Rocker’.

Shivers and Gehman have set up an Instagram specifically for the Ramones Ducks. Check it out below. 

Listen to Ramones ‘Pet Sematary’ below.