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Deb Never announces new EP and shares latest song 'Sweet and Spice'

Deb Never - 'Sweet & Spice' ft. Jim-E Stack

LA-based singer-songwriter Deb Never has returned to announce her new EP Where Have All the Flowers Gone? and release the latest single ‘Sweet & Spice’.

‘Sweet & Spice’ is a dreamy indie-pop track that maybe even falls into that dreaded genre signifier “bedroom pop”, complete with some bloopy synths and a very relaxed atmosphere. If you happen to be on the comedown, this song is the perfect soundtrack. Everything from the lyrics to the instrumentation to Never’s vocal delivery is hazy and spacey, but there’s something compelling at the whole thing that I can’t quite put my finger on.

The new song also features Jim-E Stack, an artist I had never heard of before I heard him on this track but who has apparently worked with a ton of artists I have heard of, like HAIM, Rostam, Perfume Genius, Bon Iver, and Charlie XCX. I’m guessing his contributions are purely instrumental sense I didn’t hear a voice other than Never’s, but if he’s responsible for the charmingly murky production, more power to him.

Looking at the video’s comment section, it seems like Never is getting a pretty huge boost from South Korean singer Jennie, a member of the K-pop group Blackpink, being a noted fan. I have kicked the K-pop hornet’s nest once or twice during my writing career, and since I don’t know much at all about Blackpink and don’t want to be hunted down on Twitter again, I’ll just let that fact hang in the air.

Check out the video for ‘Sweet and Spice’, plus the tracklisting for Where Have All the Flowers Gone? down below. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? is set for a September 10 release date.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? tracklist:

  1. ‘Stupid’
  2. ‘Sorry’
  3. ‘Someone Else’
  4. ‘Disassociate’
  5. ‘Sweet & Spice’ ft. Jim-E Stack
  6. ‘Funky’
  7. ‘Coca Cola’
  8. ‘Red Eye’