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Death Grips announce new album 'Year of the Snitch'

Late last night Death Grips posted a tweet which read “Someone Snitched” and now have updated the landing page of their website to a black background which now says ‘Year of the Snitch’ and underneath reads ‘New Album Coming Soon’ – confirming the name of their new record.

Although there’s no exact details on their landing page of when their brand new album will arrive, which leaves us all anxiously waiting – surely we don’t have to wait much longer right?

Last week the band took to Instagram to reveal that they were working with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and Andrew Adamson – take a look at the post below.

Adamson is most well known for directing the classic kids film ‘Shrek’ and ‘Shrek 2’ but bizarrely there has been a YouTube clip called ‘Shrek Grips’ which features a Smash Mouth/Death Grips mash up which if you have never seen before then it will absolutely make your day – check it out below.

The group haven’t released a full-length album since 2016’s Bottomless Pit although they did share a 22-minute mix last year.

Death Grips currently have no tour dates lined up but if this news is anything to go by then expect this to change in the close future.