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Death Grips are working with 'Shrek' director on new album


Death Grips have shared the exciting new son their Instagram that they are working on a brand new album. What’s more, is that they’re collaborating on it with Andrew Adamson.

Adamson is most notable known for his directorial GENIUS on the brilliantly funny kids film ‘Shrek’. That’s the last time we will explain Shrek, as honestly, if you’ve not seen it, you’ve wasted your time here on earth.

Following 2016’s album Bottomless Pits will be difficult but with the help of Adamson we are expecting huge things. Weirdly, fans had seemingly predicted this collaboration long time ago. ‘Shrek Grips’ is a brilliant video, which you can see below, that features a Smash Mouth / Death Grips mash-up that’s easily one fo the best things you’ll see this Tuesday.

Take a look below, you lucky lot.