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Death Cab for Cutie bring upbeat rhythm with ‘Here to Forever’

Death Cab for Cutie - 'Here to Forever'

An off-beat drum kick will always somehow bring a sense of uplifting reminiscence and Death Cab for Cutie utilise it beautifully with their new single ‘Here to Forever’. It’s a single that somehow conjures up memories of skateboarding through a blazing orange sunset, even if you never skated and lived somewhere rainier than Manchester. 

The single aims to look beyond the present in search of silver linings and the sound of the song accompanies that like wine to cheese with a rhythm that captures both a sense of yearning and a sanguine shrug at the same time. In short, you certainly won’t be skipping it when it crops up on your garden playlist this year. 

As frontman Ben Gibbard said of the new track: “It’s a song both about our impermanence and the anxiety of these times. It’s also about wanting to believe in something bigger even when it feels like nothing is out there.”

Music has attempted to pop-rivet this notion to our psyche in recent times, and ‘Here to Forever’ is its latest escapist coracle. Never sanguine but always sunny, the song has a ‘Summer Skin’ feel to it, except this time it hung its hoody up at the door.

Notably, it isn’t just flowery either, there is a definite sense of cognisance behind it. And this is reflected in the Lance Bangs-directed video which rams home the message that you often have to sweat your way towards something. Track and video alike have a touch of joyous elbow grease in the otherwise feathery message. 

The track follows their previous outing ‘Roman Candles’ as the second single from their tenth album Asphalt Meadows which is due for release on September 16th. 

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