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Dead Sons - Shotgun Woman

>We’ve picked our pals Dead Sons to be today’s Track of the Day not only for pure selfish reasons, but because the band will be disappearing for a short while as frontman Tom Rowley prepares for touring commitments with Arctic Monkeys.

Wipe those tears away though, the Sheffield ‘desert-rockers’ are playing a last homecoming gig tonight and I can’t put it better than the band themselves, as I’m sure they’ll “smash the back doors off The Leadmill, Sheffield”.

As if this wasn’t incentive enough, it’s Friday, it’s sunny and unbelievably, the gig tonight is free.  On the bill expect to see Desert Motel Club and Mike Hughes and Dead Sons will be on stage around 10ish.

We brought you new single Gasoline not long ago and the farewell gig coincides with it’s release, I’m sure you’ll be able to get some cracking merch down there too.

“This is a party and a celebration for everyone who’s stuck with us up to now and we’re not even half way through! Lets make it go off, no still bodies, just nodding along is banned. You’re under strict instructions to drink the bar dry. Let’s get dirty 

After you’ve drank the bar dry you’ll more than certainly want to take part in the Shotgun Woman dance, and if you don’t know how to, get some quick revision in now. To be fair, it shouldn’t take long. If you still can’t master it, make it up!

Lee Thomas-Mason