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(Credit: Khalil Musa)


Dead Nature shares uplifting new single 'Red Clouds'

Dead Nature - 'Red Clouds'

Dead Nature has shared his uplifting brand new single, ‘Red Clouds’.

This project is the new moniker that former Spring King singer Tarek Musa has been quietly burrowing away under for the last couple of years. It was a surprise when Spring King decided to call it a day in 2018, they released two albums together and famously were the first-ever act to get played on Apple’s Beats 1. Musa revealed he is working as Dead Nature the following year and shared his debut EP, Taking My Shadow.

Now almost two-years on he has returned with the vibrant and sunny, ‘Red Clouds’. The song also came along with an announcement revealing that Musa has finished work on his full-length debut effort. Whilst ‘Red Clouds’ isn’t cut from the same cloth as his work with Spring King, Musa’s penchant for an anthemic chorus hasn’t dissipated over the last couple of years. The track is filled to the brim with feelgood energy that makes his return a warm one.

“Red Clouds is about those dewy-eyed experiences we have of love, of people moving on, of moments you truly don’t want to end,” Musa said in a statement. “I was listening to a lot of lo-fi 80’s music, the kinds of songs that bands were recording in their garages or local DIY studios on the first home-studio budget tape machines, and it inspired me to indulge in that world.

“A world of simple songs centred around innocent romance and love with lyrics so effortless in their attempt to be anything other than 3 minutes of pure nostalgia,” he added.

It’s safe to say that Spring King didn’t manage to hit the heights that their potential alluded to, but, Musa now has a second bite at the apple with Dead Nature. ‘Red Clouds’ is a glistening effort that shows the singer’s growth as a songwriter.