Spring King launch a new attack on 'A Better Life'

'A Better Life' - Spring King

Spring King have been championing the indie cause for a few years, maintaining a certain level of garage band sound. The new album, however, sees the group move out of the garage and start firmly knocking on the front door of the music scene.

A Better Life, the band’s first fully collaborative effort seeing the band not rely solely on Tarek’s songwriting skills. “It’s about unifying,” Tarek says. “Our generation is gonna be in charge one day. And I hope people’s morals outweigh any financial attractions in life. Outweigh working for a corporate giant that’s doing harm to the world.”

What the album does show is the band’s want for what the title would suggest, pushing the group towards a more mainstream sound, they deliver an album filled with the kind of slick Hollywood-bops which will see them feature across teenage bedroom walls and TV programmes alike.

The general sound is deeper and fuller, sprinkled with some baited hooks and a few rousing choruses, but it’s the development of their garage sound toward a polished studio finish which has Spring King pushing towards their stadium-sized goal.

Take a listen to the album below.