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(Credit: Manchester International Festival)


David Lynch provides update on new project after being inspired by Black Lives Matter

David Lynch has dropped a hint that he may well be working on a new project after fuelling his creative drive during the health crisis lockdown.

The director, who has been keeping busy during the lockdown by releasing content through his immensely popular YouTube channel, has also been creating “two wall sconces—two little lamps. It involves lightbulbs, electricity, polyester resin plastic, and those kinds of things” in a bid to express his artistic vision.

In the current climate, working with electricity and the connection it can bring to those more lonely than others, has been an awakening for Lynch. “For some reason, we were going down the wrong path and Mother Nature just said, ‘Enough already, we’ve got to stop everything,’” reflected Lynch about the ongoing pandemic.

“This is going to last long enough to lead to some kind of new way of thinking,” he previously stated.

The lockdown has seen Lynch share a number of past unreleased efforts through YouTube, as well as bringing back his much-loved weather report series: “YouTube—it connects you with the world in a way,” the director explained in a new interview with The Daily Beast. “You get inspiration and ideas, and away you go.”

While the director also stated that his prolific uploading to YouTube will slow down, he also hinted that a bigger project was in the works. While he didn’t offer any specific details, the filmmaker admitted that “there might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on the channel”.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Lynch explained how “Black Lives Matter inspired me” before the conversation turned to racial equality within Hollywood, a topic which was recently propelled by a new initiative established by Michael B. Jordan.

Lynch, in agreement with the ability to establish equality, believes that “it would be wrong to put someone in a role for any other reason than they are perfect for the part”. Divulging further, the director also “understands the frustration if people aren’t welcome to the table”.

“I’m open for anything and I would work with anyone if they were right for the part. Zero problem,” he says.

Lynch believes that the world will emerge from quarantine as “more spiritual” and “much kinder” humans. He continued, “It’s going to be a different world on the other side and it’s going to be a much more intelligent world. Solutions to these problems are going to come and life’s going to be very good. The movies will come back. Everything will spring back and in a much better way probably.”

We can all hope.