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(Credit: YouTube / Far Out Mag)


David Lynch has shared a dark and broody minute-long short film on YouTube


David Lynch has been a YouTube fiend during lockdown—and we’re incredibly grateful for it. The auteur has been adding a dose of joy into our lockdown routines.

The cult director has been using the streaming platform to restart his daily weather reports and share DIY tips for aspiring filmmakers. Now, he’s shared a 2011 short film through the platform.

Using the platform as a free space to show off his more obscure short films, Lynch has shared 2011’s The 3Rs to the streaming site. which is great news—but we will warn you that it’s only one-minute long.

Originally created as a trailer for the 2011 Vienna Film Festival Lynch doesn’t hold back on the Lynchian moments, even in 60 seconds.

That means you can expect to be tormented by the soundtrack of buzzing insects, the scene of a man beating a (seemingly conscious) floor with a hammer will upset you and chaos will, ultimately, ensue.

We’re hoping that Lynch will keep the releases coming on YouTube but for now take a look at why he’s such an acclaimed director with 2011’s The 3Rs.