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Director David Lynch launches $500million Transcendental Meditation program


Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive director David Lynch has announced his intentions to launch Transcendental Meditation (TM) training for 30,000 international college students, with the goal of inspiring the younger generation to “become advanced peace-creating meditation experts and build a legacy of lasting global peace”.

The program was launched in partnership with the Global Union of Scientists for Peace and will invest approximately $500 million in its first year. Of the program, Lynch said: “We don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring if we don’t get peace on this planet. This war in Ukraine, people were saying it’s not going to happen, and now it’s happened. People are dying. Cities are being destroyed. Things are very, very precarious. Everybody knows it.”

He added, “People do many things to help humanity, but this has been going on for a long time. Talking, marching, singing – it’s not brought peace. They’ll start getting more energy. They’ll start getting more creativity. They’ll start being nicer to one another. They won’t want to hurt anyone. It’ll be a world at peace.”

Although expecting world peace may be a bit of a lofty expectation, it’s always good to aim high, especially with wellness-oriented programs like this one.

The program plans to provide mindfulness training to 10,000 students at Maharishi International University in the US, as well as the same number of students at the sister school in India, and another 10,000 students at their partner universities in 10 “major hot spots” around the world, as to be determined by them.

This brings their total to 30,000 college students, as their claim suggests. Dr. Tony Nader, the leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement, fully supports this effort, saying, “David Lynch is not only a brilliant filmmaker — he believes that world peace is attainable and can be achieved. His plan will do what all the bombs cannot do: help us create actual peace in the world.”

Only time will tell what this program has in store, but it seems like a promising effort.