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(Credit: David Lynch)


If David Lynch had directed Disney's 1995 classic 'A Goofy Movie'


David Lynch is a very special director. The auteur has rightly taken the mantle of one of the most widely-respected directors of the modern age and seemingly has no bounds. As happy to produce television, film or indeed TV adverts as he is experimental footage.

That’s because Lynch takes his experimental prowess and applies it to everything he does. It means that one could easily describe one thing or another as Lynchian. So, naturally, we were curious about what some classics of cinema would look like if David Lynch had directed them.

That curiosity would, as ever, lead us down a YouTube rabbit hole, which apart from bringing up Lynch’s own bizarre series Rabbits, proved relatively fruitless, until we happened upon this Lynchian Disney gem. Some hero has edited a classic version of what Disney’s 1995 generation-defining film, A Goofy Movie, would look like if the Twin Peaks director had got a hold of it.

It is exactly as one might imagine, a somewhat twisted affair. In staunch monochrome, the frivolity of Goofy is all but extinguished as the stark film rolls on. It’s a remarkable commendation on Lynch’s strict parameters within which he works. It’s all here, the nervousness, the tension, the heightened banal drama.

This mashup by YouTube user Cody Richeson takes Disney’s 1995 flick A Goofy Movie and re-imagines it as a spooky and surreal David Lynch film. Goofy’s relationship with his son Max becomes a far more disturbing affair and Pete’s involvement acts as another drug-induced fever dream.

It truly is amazing to see a film that was so beloved by children for its vivid animation and fun-filled energy be so quickly and drastically changed into something you wouldn’t be comfortable showing a teenager.

If you’re easily offended by Disney look away now, David Lynch is about to take on A Goofy Movie.