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(Credit: Netflix)


David Lynch believes the world will be a "more spiritual, much kinder" place after lockdown ends


David Lynch has been the name on everybody’s lips of late. The Twin Peaks director has been under the spotlight for his damn fine creation, as it enjoyed it’s the 30th birthday this week.

It has seen the auteur be interview by Vice in relation to the big day but also to get his feelings and thoughts on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The response was one of hope that following the lifting of lockdown restrictions, when we can all share our time with one another again that the world will be a “more spiritual, much kinder” place to be.

Lynch has been, like many of us, holed up in his Los Angeles home over the past few weeks. While some have struggled to adjust, for Lynch, it has been very similar to his normal day. “My routine is pretty much the same now as it was before,” Lynch said. “I get up, and I get a coffee. … After that, I meditate and then I go to work.”

All those getting excited about a new film or television project will probably be disappointed. The director has instead been working on “two wall sconces—two little lamps. It involves lightbulbs, electricity, polyester resin plastic, and those kinds of things.”

In the current climate, working with electricity and the connection it can bring to those more lonely than others, has been an awakening for Lynch. “For some reason, we were going down the wrong path and Mother Nature just said, ‘Enough already, we’ve got to stop everything,’” reflected Lynch about the ongoing pandemic.

“This is going to last long enough to lead to some kind of new way of thinking.”

Lynch believes that the world will emerge from quarantine as “more spiritual” and “much kinder” humans. He continued, “It’s going to be a different world on the other side and it’s going to be a much more intelligent world. Solutions to these problems are going to come and life’s going to be very good. The movies will come back. Everything will spring back and in a much better way probably.”

We can all hope.