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Revisit the brilliance of David Lynch's 'Crazy Clown Time' music video

“A ‘Crazy Clown Time’ should have an intense psychotic backyard craziness, fuelled by beer.”—David Lynch.

At a time when we’re all forced to change the way in which we enjoy music, we’re dipping back into the Far Out Magazine archive to remember David Lynch’s brilliant song ‘Crazy Clown Time’.

The song, the self-titled single taken from Lynch’s sophomore studio album, was released on November 7, 2011, through PIAS Recordings.

The critically acclaimed film director, who described his second official furore into the music world as a “modern blues” album, was self-produced by Lynch himself and included the release of four singles in total.

Created alongside engineer Dean Hurley, Lynch said that the project “mostly it starts with a jam,” in a past interview with the New York Times. “Dean now lately on drums and me on guitar, and out of the jamming comes some kind of form, like, lots and lots of garbage — you can picture a landfill — but some chunks of gold.”

“When you find somebody enthusiastic about your stuff, it really helps, and it inspires you to finish up things and polish things and get them out,” Lynch added. “It’s like some other character comes in and is singing,” he added of his experimental avante garde vocal approach.

Discussing the inspiration, Lynch would later add: “It’s the Chicago electric blues, that’s the main influence,” while talking to EW. “You know, when the guitar got plugged in with electricity, it jumped it to making sounds that sink into the soul. So much power. So much beauty. It’s just the greatest thing. I like to think of my guitar as being powered by a V-8 engine. Lots of smoke and fire. A gasoline powered guitar.”

With that said, enjoy the bizarre visuals for ‘Crazy Clown Time’, below.