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(Credit: Manchester International Festival)


A 35-minute compilation of all of David Lynch's commercials


Being in lockdown has allowed us all to fall ever more deeply into the arms of the arts. Whether that is joining in on listening parties of your favourite albums or exploring an actor’s back catalogue more intently. Lockdown has given us room to truly geek out.

One man who has always been a cult leader of sorts is the director and sometime singer, David Lynch. It’s easy to binge-watch Twin Peaks again or explore the typically Lynchian moments of his directorial best but what about the other stuff? The riff-raff, the unmentionables? What about David Lynch’s commercials?

Yes, that’s right. Lynch, possibly one of the most highly-regarded avant-garde directors of his generation, famed for Eraserhead, Mullholland Drive and Blue Velvet (not so famed for Dune) has a penchant for creating TV advertisements. Below we have every single one of those commercials in a 35 minute-long supercut.

No longer will you have to trawl the internet to find Lynch’s commercial work. Below you can find ever advertisement Lynch has ever made, all the way from Calvin Klein to Georgia Coffee and a few more in between.

The former ad saw Lynch provided a typically moody romantic scene for the CK fragrance Obsession. Meanwhile, for the latter, Lynch created a mini-series of Twin Peaks for the giant Japanese brand Georgia Coffee—expect to see a damn fine commercial.

Perhaps it is because the great artistic work Lynch has done outweighs any commercial pursuit or perhaps because the advertisements, as ads go, are pretty, well, good. They not only enact the vision of the brand but also feel definitively Lynchian upon closer inspection.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a 35-minute trip around the world of David Lynch and see every one of his commercials in one perfect supercut.