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(Credit: Manchester International Festival)


Watch David Lynch's bizarre 1997 pregnancy test advert

This may be one of the more curious things you see in relation to David Lynch and, given the topic of conversation, that really is saying something.

Lynch may well be one of the foremost directors of his age, if not of all time, but that didn’t stop him from applying his talents to more commercial projects too. In fact, Lynch has made quite a few TV adverts in his time, including this 1997 advert for a ‘Clear Blue Easy One Minute’ home pregnancy tests.

The Twin Peaks director doesn’t turn this film into a subversive and suspenseful piece of art, but there are certainly elements of his decidedly deranged style. It’s not quite the Red Room but it is shot in some moody black and white frames which don’t exactly scream motherhood to us.

It also features an anxiety-ridden woman waiting for the results of her test, as the seconds tick by, the numbers on her watch turn into the word ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, seeing the intensity increase.

As we said, it’s not quite Blue Velvet level masterpiece but it most certainly hints at Lynch’s style. Thematically working alongside Lynch’s cinematic values and all for a pregnancy test. Who would sign off that deal?

“The client was a little nervous that the spot would be eerie and scary,” David Cohen, the executive producer on the project, said to EW’s A.J. Jacob. “But on the set, Lynch was constantly making sure the client was happy.” So perhaps he isn’t quite the stranded artist he would like to portray himself as. Actually, Lynch is a perfect professional.

It’s a professionalism which saw Lynch take on many commercial projects. From his intense Playstation ad to a Public Service Announcement and the odd Calvin Klein advert in between.

Watch below a selection of those adverts, as David Lynch directs a pregnancy test commercial in 1997.

Source: Open Culture