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(Credit: Twin Peaks)

Showtime in discussions with David Lynch for new season of 'Twin Peaks'

Following the hugely successful return of Twin Peaks 2017, premium television network Showtime are looking to thrash out a deal with David Lynch for another season of the mystery horror show.

Following a 25-year hiatus, Lynch created Twin Peaks: The Return alongside his creative partner Mark Frost which saw many of the original cast such as Kyle MacLachlan return to play his role as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Set 25 years after the events of the original Twin Peaks, the Return was made up of 18 episodes which centred the core of the plot around “Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to Twin Peaks.” Bringing back many who contributed and worked on the original series, Lynch and Frost has successfully managed to pick up where they left off in 1991 with emphatic effect.

Now, however, in a new report published by We Got This Covered, Showtime bosses are desperate to continue the ride and hope to bring back Twin Peaks for a fourth series. With specific details still being negotiated, a possible premiere for season four is being earmarked for 2020.

While speculation has been rife about the possibility of new episodes, Lynch has remained tight-lipped the possibility: “It’s too early to say if there will be a fourth season of the series,” he said previously. “If that were the case, we would have to wait a few more years because it took me four and a half years to write and film this season.” 

Upon the release of the third series, programming president Gary Levine left the door open to a possible follow-up, stating: “The door’s always open to David Lynch, whether that would lead to another season, I don’t know if he wants to do it. This was a Herculean effort. I’m not sure if any director has ever done 18 hours in a row of a series… It’s remarkable what he achieved, fans are liking it and for me that’s what’s satisfying.”

If a new series were to develop, the creation would go against the words of Showtime president David Nevins who previously cast doubt over a fourth edition. Following the release of Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017, Nevins said: “It was always intended to be one season,” in an interview to Deadline. “A lot of people are speculating but there’s been zero contemplation, zero discussions other than fans asking me about it.”

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