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(Credit: Twin Peaks)

More hints dropped that David Lynch is preparing to bring back 'Twin Peaks'


With every passing day more hints are dropped that David Lynch is preparing a surprise return of hit show Twin Peaks.

Far Out reported last week that following the hugely successful return of Twin Peaks in 2017, premium television network Showtime are looking to thrash out a deal with David Lynch for another season of the mystery horror show. 

Following a 25-year hiatus, Lynch created Twin Peaks: The Return alongside his creative partner Mark Frost which saw many of the original cast such as Kyle MacLachlan return to play his role as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. 

It was reported that Showtime bosses are desperate to continue the ride and hope to bring back Twin Peaks for a fourth series. With specific details still being negotiated, a possible premiere for season four is being earmarked for 2020.

Now, in reaction to that report, a number of sources close to the series have started seeping out not-so-subtle hints that the show could be set for yet another emphatic return.

The Hollywood Horror Museum, an institution of which David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, is a board member, took to social media to say: “Someone we know who is ‘in the know’ just let something very interesting slip about the future of Twin Peaks. If it’s true, we’ll be squealing and giddy in 2020!”

On the back of that blatant hint, Kyle MacLachlan, the actor who has famously played the role of detective Dale Cooper since 1990, took to social media to say: “Love this dapper suit, but definitely thinking about…donuts this morning,” in a clear reference to his character.

A month ago, prior to the major speculation, Lynch himself posted on Twitter about his love King County, Washington, the location in which Twin Peaks is filmed in what seemed a perfectly innocuous comment prior to the speculation. Now though, his comments: “We had a perfect place to shoot Twin Peaks and perfect people to work with,” seem to be yet another well placed hint.

That, coupled with the fact that Lynch’s longterm cinematographer Peter Deming has been posting images of himself at the Twin Peaks filming location, suggests something exciting is on the horizon.

To round things off, as Twin Peaks fans whip themselves up into a frenzy, Deputy Hawk’s Michael Horse posted a picture to social media urging silence…

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