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(Credit: David Gilmour)


When David Gilmour met Jimi Hendrix for the first time and became his Parisian tour guide

As part of a feature back in 2015, the Pink Floyd leading man, David Gilmour shared a story of how he first came across another 1960s legend, Jimi Hendrix. The guitar genius arrived in London as a whirlwind of hype and mystique, Gilmour remembers the musician’s powerful arrival.

Perhaps the most curious part of the conversation Gilmour also revealed that he later acted as Hendrix’s Parisian tour guide when the guitarist arrived in France. Gilmour hadn’t yet joined Pink Floyd and we wonder if the guitarist served as any inspiration to the singer.

As part of a feature with MOJO, the lead guitarist and singer of progressive rock legends Pink Floyd looked back at the moment he came across another subversive legend, Jimi Hendrix. Gilmour was still working with his band ‘Jokers Wild’ when he first met the mercurial musician.

“I saw him playing live at this club called Blaises in South Kensington. He jammed with the Brian Auger Trinity with Julie Driscoll singing,” he tells MOJO’s Tom Doyle.

“This little place was packed with Beatles and Stones type of people, so you think, ‘Something’s going on.’ And this kid came in and strapped a right-handed guitar on the wrong way round. He was an absolute phenomenon from the beginning.” We can only imagine the scene, London’s swinging glitterati brimming with talent and elusive intrigue all gazing up a vision of the future.

Their encounters wouldn’t end their, Gilmour and Hendrix again met over the other side of the channel as the guitarist arrived in the French capital. “Later, I was living in Paris and one of the jobs outside of just playing with my little pop group [Jokers Wild] there was that I was employed to take him round Paris for an evening, show him a good time,” he recalls. “And he seemed very nice. Likeable, shy.”

We can only muse on the kind of influence Hendrix may have had on Gilmour. But one thing we can be sure of is that Jimi Hendrix had an influence on everybody. Listen to why, below.