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(Credit: Shealah Craighead / Album Cover)


David Byrne "surprised” by how many people still support Donald Trump


Former Talking Heads member David Byrne has been discussing the current political unrest as the dust begins to settle on Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 United States presidential election.

Former vice president Biden, alongside Kamala Harris, ended the reign of Trump and Mike Pence in spectacular fashion as the Democratic politician won the largest share of the popular vote since 1932—despite the current president attempted to claim fraudulent behaviour has contributed to the results.

In what has been an extremely volatile campaign, Biden and Harris received more than 81 million votes in what has been declared as the highest voter count since 1900 as the United States became more politically aware than ever before. While many predicted an easy win for Biden following Trump’s shortcomings in key topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the serious racism issues, the current president still secured 232 electoral votes in comparison to Biden’s total of 306.

When asked if he could have ever predicted the past five years of political mayhem, Byrne responded: “To be honest, no,” with bemusement as part of a new interview with The Independent.

“We’ve all had our dystopian fantasies of what could go wrong, and there’s plenty of books and TV shows that represent that,” he added. “But then to see this happen…Trump was not a surprise. He is what he is. What is surprising is how many people still support him.”

He continued: “When you see the coronavirus exploding across the United States, and how many dead there are, and how many people just don’t care about that or think it’s a conspiracy, you just go, ‘Wow, the country I’m living in isn’t the country I thought it was.’”