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(Credit: David Byrne Facebook)


David Byrne and 'American Utopia' cast performs 'Like Humans Do' on 'Fallon'


Alongside the cast of American Utopia, David Byrne performed ‘Like Humans Do’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 7th.

For those who aren’t familiar, American Utopia is the stage production born of the album of the same name, which is is currently playing at Broadway’s St. James Theatre in New York City until April 3rd.

The song they performed on the show actually originally featured on Byrne’s 2001 album ‘Look Into The Eyeball’, however, it nonetheless made it into American Utopia seamlessly. 

Their Tonight Show performance follows up from Byrne’s recent appearance on CBS Saturday Sessions, where he performed a few Talking Heads hits with his band as a fun callback.

In addition to the stage performance, the Spike Lee-directed concert film version of American Utopia was released in 2020, which you can also check out if you like what you see. This seems to be one of many things on Byrne’s plate, as he’s also gearing up to release Theater Of The Mind this summer. Theater Of The Mind is an immersive stage production written in collaboration with the writer Mala Gaonkar.

About the show, Byrne noted in trademark fashion: “I often get asked, ‘What is this show about? What is this song about? What is the message, what are you trying to tell us?’ My preferred answer would be to refer them to the quote from old-school Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn: ‘If you want to send a message, use Western Union!’ It seems to me that in creating something—a song, a show, a blog post, a meal, a dance—a vision comes together, intuitively, gradually, bit by bit, little by little, and we don’t always know the totality of what we’ve made until we can actually see, hear and taste it.”

If you want to catch David Byrne’s performance on Fallon, you can check it out right here and get your own taste of one of the best shows in New York.