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Credit: Press


David Bowie shares a brand new version of 'Baby Universal'


The latest release from The David Bowie archives sees a previously unreleased version of a Bowie song come to light every week for the next few weeks before the release of new EP Is It Any Wonder?.

So far the new EP has been a joy to receive with new versions of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, ‘I Can’t Read ’97’ and ‘Stay 97’ all feeling fresh and brand new and has left fans asking for more.

Duly the Bowie estate has provided another track from the EP before it lands next month with this time ‘Baby Universal ’97’ being shared. The new version of the song which originally appeared on Tin Machine’s final record Tin Machine II, was recorded during his Earthling sessions.

Though it was originally set to appear on that record between ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ and ‘Law (Earthlings on Fire)’ the song was eventually dropped from the record.

But before it was, Bowie shared his thoughts on the song, “I thought ‘Baby Universal’ was a really good song and I don’t think it got heard. I didn’t really want that to happen to it, so I put it on this album… I think this version is very good.

Listen below to David Bowie’s ‘Baby Univeral 97’ below: