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David Bowie’s famous mugshot is up for auction

On one fateful night in 1976, while galivanting with Iggy Pop, David Bowie was finally arrested. How on Earth this wasn’t a daily occurrence is a cold case mystery that only the authorities can answer. 

However, one thing is for certain: it produced one epic piece of pop culture history. And now, it’s up for auction at an estimate piece that I personally consider such a bargain that I’m considering asking for an advance to enter the bidding. 

This fabled mugshot, akin to the deranged Frank Sinatra of the 1970s, is one that has been pop-riveted onto the minds of Bowie fans and beige suit wearers for a while now, and the original snap is up for auction. 

The sweetest bit of all, however, is that Rochester auction house in New York has only put an estimate of £1,500 on this little piece of history—a piece of history that pretty much defined the friendship of Iggy Pop and Bowie and set up a new leaf for ‘The Starman’.

The mugshot was kept by the arresting officer and given to his cousin, whom he knew was a Bowie fan, as a wedding gift. Thereafter, he kept it under lock and key for 46 years, so it is in pristine condition but now the time has come to give it a new lease of life. 

On the night in question, Bowie was arrested with half a pound of marijuana on his person, which by his ‘70s standards can be considered a lucky escape. Along with Iggy, he was held for three hours before being released on bail for $2000. 

You can view the listing here

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