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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Dave Grohl lends iconic stage throne to Greyhawk bassist after he was shot in the leg

Dave Grohl has made another claim for being the nicest man in rock. He has now leant his iconic Foo Fighters stage throne to Greyhawk bassist, Darin Wall, who was shot in the leg earlier this month.

Famously, Grohl used the imposing light-up chair whilst on tour with Foo Fighters back in 2015, after he fell from the stage in Gothenburg, Sweden. The accident was so severe, it resulted in the band pulling out of their Glastonbury headline slot that summer. 

This Sunday (September 26), Wall finally returned to the stage with his band. This comes after a tense period for Greyhawk as Wall was shot in the leg following a violent argument with a gunman outside a venue in the city of Boise, Idaho.

Understandably, Wall is still recovering from the injury, but things are looking up. On September 28 he took to Instagram to share an image of himself onstage sat atop Grohl’s throne. He called the past month an “intense, surreal and humbling” period. He wrote: “It was beyond a thrill to sit in Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters throne last night”. 

He continued: “Of course, I wish it never happened, and that this bullet was not in my leg, but the love and support the rock and metal community has shown is staggering. Words can’t describe how moving this night was. Thank you all!”

Speaking about the incident on KTVB 7, per Loudwire, Wall explained how events unfolded. He said he spotted a man being rather belligerent outside The Shredder venue. Somehow tensions rose and he got into a scuffle with Byrd, who ramped up the proceedings and shot him “in the upper thigh”.

Luckily, police were quickly on the scene, and Byrd was arrested. Wall also explained that the incident put things into perspective for him. He said he was “lucky” to come away with an injury that is relatively minor and not “anything that’s gonna be permanent”. He concluded: “Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so be good to each other”.

This is not the first time Grohl has leant the chair out. In 2016 he gave it to Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose after injuring his foot. In return, Grohl revealed that Rose bought him the “nicest fucking guitar” as thanks. Grohl explained: “It was an incredibly kind and classy gesture, and I was very appreciative”.

Watch Grohl perform atop his throne below.