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The Beatles song that defined Dave Grohl's life


Dave Grohl is the undisputed ‘nicest guy in rock and roll’, as well as being an integral part of two of the most significant rock groups of the last 30 years and, ike everybody else with a working pulse, Grohl has a soft spot for The Beatles.

The Fab Four have been with Grohl ever since his childhood and continue to soundtrack his life in the same magical way they did when he was young. For most of us, The Beatles have been an omnipresent influence on our lives, and that first moment of indoctrination happened at such a young age that no memory exists, but Grohl remembers it like it was yesterday.

In the 60-minute radio show, Dave Grohl: My Beatles, the singer detailed his connection to a series of different Beatles tracks. “I’d like to play the first Beatles song I ever heard, and it might be the first record I ever listened to,” he said, adding: “I remember having a sleepover at a friend’s house when I was four or five years old and listening to ‘Hey Jude’. I don’t think I’d ever listened to a rock and roll record. This was my introduction, and it’s stuck with me ever since.”

He continued: “I remember that night, laying in my sleeping bag and singing along to the na-na-nas at the end of the song. It was stuck in my head so much I couldn’t sleep.”

While ‘Hey Jude’ was the first song from The Beatles’ repertoire that made Grohl fall in love with the group, it’s not the one which he has the most intense feelings towards. One of the things that he bonded with Kurt Cobain over was their shared love of the Merseysiders, and the singer’s love of the band even eclipsed Grohl’s.

Their track, ‘In My Life’, holds a special place in his heart after it played at Cobain’s funeral service. Ever since that moment, it’s taken on an added poignancy for him, and his affection for the song can’t be described in words. “It means a lot to me, because it was the song that was played at Kurt Cobain’s memorial,” Grohl later explained to Radio 2. “That day, after everyone had said their piece, this next song came over the speakers, and everyone got to celebrate Kurt’s love of The Beatles one last time together.

“Still to this day, when I hear it, it touches a place in me that no other song ever will. It’s called ‘In My Life’ and knowing how much of a fan Kurt was of The Beatles, and how much of an influence they were, to everything we’ve done ever done… I’d like to play this one for him.”

As Grohl says himself, the track affects him in a manner that “no other song ever will” and is a constant reminder of his fallen friend. Whenever he hears, ‘In My Life, it takes the Foo Fighters’ mind back to floods of memories about Cobain and the positive times they shared together. Although he’s no longer here, his love of The Beatles and this track live on through Grohl.

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