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Dave Grohl says he is "happy" fronting Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has said he is content being in the band and would never consider leaving for a lucrative solo career. Formerly the drummer for Nirvana, Grohl founded the band in the 1990s and has served as its musical director ever since. 

The band made the sidestep into horror cinema lately, and Grohl is currently doing his part to promote Studio 666. And in an interview with Sky News, the singer-drummer revealed that the film is based on a number of half baked rock and roll truths. 

“The premise is based on a lot of really hilarious rock and roll cliches and stereotypes, right? The lead singer that wants to go solo and is at a creative war with his own band – and some lead singers do exactly that.”

This doesn’t apply to Grohl, who feels perfectly happy to sing for the Foo Fighters. The band also features Taylor Hawkins, a drummer who regularly sings in concert, as well as lead guitarist Pat Smear, who worked with Grohl as part of Nirvana. The first Foo Fighters album was recorded almost entirely alone by Grohl, but he was delegated more responsibility to other members over the years since. 

Grohl has shown a greater interest in drumming outside of the band as opposed to writing or singing outside of it. He toured with Queens of The Stone Age during their Songs for the Deaf tenure and formed the rock trio Them Crooked Vultures with guitarist Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones in 2009. More recently, Grohl played the drums on a Liam Gallagher tune called ‘Everything’s Electric’, for which he got a co-writing credit. 

In 2017, former Beatle Paul McCartney guested on a Foo Fighters track, filling in for Hawkins and Grohl as a percussionist. McCartney played on ‘Sunday Rain’, and although he resisted the chance to harmonise with the bandmates, McCartney’s drumming was praised by both inhouse drummers. The Concrete and Gold album was released on September 15th, 2017, and featured other notable guest artists, such as Alison Mosshart and Justin Timberlake on backing vocals.