Form The Beatles to Smashing Pumpkins: Dave Grohl shares his 'Pandemic Playlist' to get you through self-isolation
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From The Beatles to Smashing Pumpkins: Dave Grohl shares his ‘Pandemic Playlist’ to get you through self-isolation

Former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, has put together a ‘Pandemic Playlist’ to get you through self-isolation.

As millions of people remain at home and in search of new means of entertainment, Grohl has stepped up to the plate. After already revealing his social media short story series, Grohl sat down with The Atlantic to run through a playlist to soundtrack your boredom.

“In order to get through this difficult period (and I truly believe that we will get through this, in time). It is important to recognise the many stages of isolation and anxiety, and to pair them with appropriate musical accompaniment,” Grohl wrote while introducing his playlist.

“You’re down to one bottle of coconut vodka, you’ve memorized all of Cards Against Humanity, and Anderson Cooper is showing up in your dreams,” he wrote. “‘Crazy,’ by Patsy Cline, never sounded better.”

He added: “Shit’s getting weird. You haven’t looked in a mirror in days, you’re wearing holes in your Lululemons, and you’re starting to believe in UFOs from clocking too many hours on YouTube. You might as well put on ‘Linus and Lucy’, by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, make gingerbread cookies, and wait for the aliens. Merry Christmas!”

With the likes of The Cars, Madness, Alice Cooper, The Beatles and more, see Grohl’s playlist below.

Dave Grohl’s Pandemic Playlist:

  • ‘Let’s Go’ – The Cars
  • ‘Our House’ – Madness
  • ‘Ahmad’s Waltz’ – Ahmad Jamal Quintet
  • ‘Drunk Girls’ – LCD Soundsystem
  • ‘School’s Out’ – Alice Cooper
  • ‘Moments In Love’ – The Art Of Noise
  • ‘Bullet with Butterfly Wings’ – The Smashing Pumpkins
  • ‘Linus And Lucy’ – Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • ‘Crazy’ – Patsy Cline, The Jordanaires
  • ‘Here Comes The Sun’ – The Beatles

Stream the eclectic playlist in full, below.

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